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Heideck is a small town on the old Dwarf road in Averland in the Empire. [1a]

The town has been built on the remains of a Dwarf trading post and hence some of the buildings still have good Dwarf stone foundations or other elements. [1a]


First founded in the time of Sigmar, stone has been taken from the nearby ruined Dwarf outpost for building. [1a]


  • Humans
  • Wood Elf
    • Farial Trefoil: A rare sight in the area, a brightly dressed and friendly Elf who the locals believe is a Prince, thousands of years old and who used to trade with the Dwarfs that once lived here.[1a]


  • Catacombs: Almost forgotten beneath the town are the remains of the dwelling places of the local Dwarfs. [1a]
  • The Orc's Head: A local Inn that serves a potent ale, Orc’s Headwrecker, fit for a Dwarf. [1a]
  • Shrine to Sigmar: Constructed well enough and with old carved stone that it reminds visiting Dwarfs of their homes. [1a]