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Grenzstadt is a fortress town that guards the western end of Black Fire Pass in Averland in the Empire. [1a]

The town is the first settlement an army invading the Empire from the south would encounter and would need to be either conquered or bypassed. Consequently a great deal of money and effort has been spent on its defences. Great stone ramparts encircle the town and Averland State soldiers patrol the walls whilst dozens of cannons are also deployed along the walls. [1a]


  • Dwarf Quarter [1a]
    • Dawr Urbaz: Established in 1467 IC (Imperial Calendar) this is a large drinking hall, its regulars are normally Dwarf merchants. [1a]
  • Eternal Watch Temple: An old building rising to a tall spine that dominates the town square, it is home to a Order of Priests of Sigmar that hope to be first to see him return to the Empire as certain holy prophecies foretell. [2a]
  • King Ironbeard’s Rescue: Tavern. [2a]
  • The Skaranock: Tavern. [2a]
  • The Last Rest: A large and usually busy inn on the town square. [1a]