Battle of Blood Hollow

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Battle of Blood Hollow
Location Blood Hollow in the Middle Mountains
Outcome Technical victory for The Empire
The Empire Orcs & Goblins
Eadric Valkin, Grand Marshall of Hochland
6000 Infantry (mostly swordsmen), 10,000 Missile including 300 Long Rifles, 1000 Pistoliers, large Artillery battery
Loss of almost the entire cavalry contingent

The Battle of Blood Hollow was a battle between the forces of the The Empire and a marauding horde of Orcs. [1a]

Seeking Raiders

The people of Hochland were suffering more than normal from the attacks of Orc raiders who were growing more and more bold. Eadric Valkin, Grand Marshall of Hochland asked his Elector Count to grant him the resources for a full military response, eventually and reluctantly he agreed but insisted that there be a total victory. Although he had a substantial force of infantry and artillery he was severely lacking in cavalry, having been turned down by the Order of Sigmar's Blood who had seen poor omens for the campaign. [1a]

Baron Valkin led his army into the mountains, heading towards Brass Keep, then disused and through thick forest, the passage becoming increasingly difficult even before the rain started. As men and equipment struggled through the terrain, the orcs began to attack. Despite increasing frustration with the attacks by men and officers alike, he pushed on until they reach Blood Hollow [1a]

The Battle


In the valley was a large encampment of the Orcs but Valkin realised this was merely an attempt to draw him into a ambush, his master of gunners suggested that instead his artillery would blast the green skins out of their forest hiding places. He was as good as his word and the woods were soon the scene of massive carnage and soon battered orcs came staggering towards the Empire line, much to the amusement of the soldiers whose handguns slaughtered many of the survivors. [1a]

Pistoliers Charge

Now the Empire cavalry charged into the fray, cutting down the few Orcs in view and covered, at least initially by the artillery, they swept through the length of the valley until they reached the tree line. Here however they discovered even more orcs, some mounted on boars and all thirsty of blood and violence. The Pistoliers were now riding tired horses and few of them were able to fight their way back to their own lines.[1a]


The loss of almost his entire force of cavalry doomed Valkin and his army as they continued to advance into the mountains, the orcs began once again to attack the strung out column. [1a]

Notable People

The Empire



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